Macedonian a2.1

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General Description - ATI chipset
This standard computer has an 880G/SB850 Chipset, 16GB of 1600Mhz HyperX RAM, 1GB Radeon HD 7770 video card, 2TB hard drive, Blu-Ray ROM, and an internal card reader. This also features 240GB HyperX solid state drive to bring up the speed on this already great machine, that comes loaded with your choice of Ubuntu or Windows 7, 1 year of Trend Micro antivirus, full open office suie, and the latest version of Adobe, Flash and Java. Stay ahead of the curve the the solidstate drive.

880G/SB850 Chipset
AMD FX 6200/6300 Processor
16 GB 1600Mhz HyperX DDR3 RAM
1x1 GB Radeon HD 7770 Video Card (CrossFire ready)
1x2 TB Hard Drive
1x240 GB HyperX Solid State Hard Drive
750 Watt Power Supply
Thermaltake Case
DVD-Burning ROM
Internal Card Reader
Logitech G-5 Keyboard
Razer Naga mouse

Windows 7/Latest Ubuntu
Trend Micro Antivirus(full years protection)
Mozilla Firefox browser
Adobe Reader
Flash Player
Office Suite (saves as .doc,.xls, .ppt)
Ventrilo pre-installed
Recovery discs including software

Your Price:C$1,895.00