Romulus v1.1n

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General Description

This is the first model release in our line of "Power Gaming Solutions". It provides the highest quality parts to give the performance you want with stability that can be relied upon. It is an AMD/ATI base throughout giving a hardware harmony to allow for optimum throughput. Using a solid state HDD to run the OS and programs, you get the advantage of the fastest write speed that you could have making basic computing quick and simple.

990FX Chipset
AMD FX 8350 Processor
2 GTX680 SLI DVI-I/DVI-D/D-sub(by adapter)/HDMI/ mini Display port
Kingston HyperX 1600Mhz DDR3 32GB RAM
Kingston HyperX 240 GB Solid State Drive
Seagate 2 TB 6GB/s SATA Hard Disk Drive (upgrade to RAID +1 available)
LG DVDRW/Blu-Ray writer
Thermaltake 1200W Modular 14CM FAN
Thermaltake Armor A90 Case Specialty cooling
Logitech G-15 USB Keyboard (upgrades available upon request, ie. razer)
High Sensitivity USB Optical mouse (upgrades available upon request, ie. razer)


Choice of Operating System* ie. Windows 7(any version)/Ubuntu 64
Antivirus Software (Trend Micro)
Office Program (Open Office)
Multimedia Software

*Also includes the option of dual booting to take advantage of both operating systems at once.

Your Price:C$3,359.00